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Amazon FBA Products That Sell

Amazon FBA  Products That Sell – it’s not that hard to find them and build your Amazon FBA business!

Need to find the amazon best selling products 2018? Let me show you how I found the products I sent in to FBA…

Check out my video on YouTube below!

Most, if not all, of the folks teaching how to find best selling products on amazon tell you the way to win is to find a product that is in the top #100, buy it from China, and then launch that product as your own private label item.

Well, it can work, but in most cases, it does not. 2018 is the time to make smarter decisions about your business.

Think about it, if everyone trying to get into Amazon FBA selects an item in the Top #100 – they are all competing with the same or similar product.  That’s not the way to win. But it is a way to spend a lot of money while making none.

Amazon FBA products that sell are easier to find than you realized. Don’t let the gurus tell you otherwise!

Don’t get me wrong – this might work for some people. I remember a seller promoting his training program and telling people to get a silicone oven mitt, private label it and send it into amazon. After just a short time, there were hundreds of the grill gloves on amazon. Some folks are doing really well as you can see here – and some even got a little smarter and bundled like this one… But do you really want to enter a sea of competition like this?

Private labeling is one way. But there is an easier way to get started, before you jump in and have your own product branded and packaged.

amazon fba products that sell

There’s an easy way to test the waters while spending less money at the beginning.

Here’s how I did it.

I found a brand that I could sell in the Home and Kitchen niche.


A brand that a lot of sellers were working with.


You can search for that brand on amazon and see how many sellers are listing their products.  The thing is, Norpro has loads of products… Take a look at their catalog.

Once you find a brand you want to promote, then it’s time to get approved by them to sell their products. With Norpro, all I had to do was send in a copy of my business name registration, Fed Tax ID number and my Texas resale certificate. Your state might not issue a resale certificate, but there is something they issue that proves you are a business.

Now, if you’re not a registered business, my advice is to get that in place. After all, success is a mindset first and if you haven’t set up your business entity, are you even serious about getting an online business going?

Reaching out to any manufacturer is easy – you may have to reach out to a couple before you get approved. Not every brand is accepting new sellers – in particular online sellers.. but loads of brands are! Just start searching on amazon in the niche you have selected – and you will see brands coming up over and over again. These are going to be the easiest to get on board with to sell their products.

Again, Amazon FBA products that sell are easier to find than you realized. Don’t let the gurus tell you otherwise!

So, back to Norpro.

It took me a couple of days to get the proper documentation to them and get approved. Then they sent me their catalog and price list.

Here’s where the real work came in.

And it is work… This is when I started using the 5 criteria points I mentioned in my Best Seller Rank video to determine possible products.

I went through their catalog, item by item, searching for it on amazon.

Then I looked at the amazon sales price vs the wholesale price.

If it was selling on amazon for at least $7 and at 3X the wholesale price, I knew it might be a winner.

Then I looked at the Best Seller Rank – I only wanted items in the Top-Level Category Home & Kitchen with a BSR of 100,000 or less. This let me know that the item was selling through on amazon!

Then I looked at the sellers who were on this listing…. If was one of the sellers, I moved on right away. Even if the pricing was okay when I looked, you know, more than $7 and 3X the wholesale… if is selling it… they are likely going to push me out of the running for the buy box at some point, so I didn’t want to spend any time on that product.

Once again –  Amazon FBA products that sell are easier to find than you realized. Don’t let the gurus tell you otherwise!

I also wanted to know if there were other FBA sellers. If yes, actually, that’s a good thing. If there are several – holding at the same price, that’s great. That meant I could join them at that price point and get a share of the buy box.

It only takes one newbie seller to wreck it for everyone. So, don’t go in there and makes your price a few cents below everyone else. If you want to understand why – check out my video on Common Amazon FBA Mistakes.

Don’t be that seller!

Once I found a product that hit all the right numbers. Price point, 3X wholesale and BSR, wasn’t sold by and was lightweight – then I looked at the Norpro catalog to figure out how many I wanted to order.

From Norpro, you can order a few – or a case – so you can test a product easily for just a small amount of money. There are a couple of advantages to buying by the case – we’ll talk about that in a later video.

For this first item – all you need to do is add your product to the existing listing, send it to amazon for fulfillment and see what happens. Every item that I sent in using the criteria mentioned above sold through – without exception.

Now, I didn’t start with just a few – I bought a case of each item I sent in – but you don’t have to do that. But I was so sure that what I had determined to be a winner would work, I went all in.

It’s worth repeating: Once again –  Amazon FBA products that sell are easier to find than you realized. Don’t let the gurus tell you otherwise!

Your threshold for risk might be different than mine and you might want to start with a small quantity first. It’s up to you.

If you need help understanding Best Seller Rank – Check out my post Here.

Now I admit, going through the catalog was very time-consuming. I plugged everything into a spreadsheet so I could make a good decision on a product.

But again, EVERYTHING I sent in sold through within one month – some in only two weeks – and I was sending in a case of each product at a time. Some cases were 144 items, some were only 48 – but everything sold.

Be sure to keep the following 5 criteria in mind:

  1. Selling price at least $7
  2. Selling for at least 3X the wholesale cost
  3. Best seller rank of under 100,000 (in the Home and Kitchen category – might be different for your niche)
  4. Lightweight
  5. is not a seller

As long as I could check off each of these criteria, I knew I was good-to-go…

Now, I did it by researching item-by-item in the catalog on amazon. I have a friend who has developed a program that will do all the research for you. I have bought products that this person has developed before and they are always well-done and deliver awesome value. So, if you want to check it out, you can look at it by going to

But you don’t have to buy his product. You can accomplish the same thing by doing exactly what I shared in this video.

But if you want to get your business built faster, you can check out his program. It takes the grunt-work out of the whole process.

You will still have to buy products and send them in but the whole research piece becomes a quicker and easier process.

I know I sound like a broken record…Once again –  Amazon FBA products that sell are easier to find than you realized. Don’t let the gurus tell you otherwise!

In any case, you know exactly what to do now –

So, go find your products and get to work building your Amazon FBA business!

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