Do You Own Your Dream?

Who’s in charge of your life?

Are you on the 40 x 40 plan – working 40 hours a week for 40 years to get a pension? If you want to change your outcome, develop a residual income and have a successful home based business, then please read on. Life is way to short in my opinion and we should maximize our day and give it our all for our family, friends and yes even our home based business. It doesn’t matter what we do in life as long as you are happy and satisfied at the end of yours, that you gave your all and made everyday count.

Financial success through network marketing by building a long term sustainable residual income is created by attracting people to your network that purchase products every month. It’s the glue that holds our business together. Remember, many people ordering a little each month can mean a nice residual income at the end of the month or in our case, at the end of each week. A solid long term residual income is created when we attract quality people to a solid home based business.

The foundation of any solid company will have a good track record of people succeeding regularly and will retain customers based on the product’s benefits and value. Poor programs can create a treadmill effect of recruit one/lose one which makes it very difficult to grow over the long term and develop a residual income. Poor programs cannot demonstrate solid growth over a long period of time in their main market making international expansion or new markets the only means of increasing sales. This eventually will stagnate as well and the treadmill must keep going to maintain sales and thus residual incomes.

A reasonable yearly growth rate in sales in the main market place is proof that the company is well run and that the products are popular with people. This helps ensure that if one were to apply them self and build a freedom residual income that it would remain and grow as well. Thus giving those individuals a viable and long term home based business.

In the 10 plus years I have been involved with network marketing it has been my observation that most companies cannot demonstrate a solid yearly growth rate which means that Newcomers are going to have a hard time maintaining and growing their home based business after the initial year or so. Most new programs that are well conceived peek around 3 years and level out in growth as well. Those that got involved in the beginning can experience great growth for a while but after the growth curve slows, newcomers stagnate and the treadmill begins, recruit one/lose one – thus the end result, your residual income goes down.

Part of the solution is to have a good coach that will share all the information and guide you through the process step by step and advise you what it really takes to win your freedom. Many experienced Networkers understand this concept and analyze all the new start-up companies with the hope of getting involved near the beginning and being part of the new companies momentum phase to building a large home based business and another residual income.

Companies come and go all the time so it becomes a gambling process and your residual income looks more like a roller coaster, but it does not have to be that way. Some compensation plans are weighted in favor of the knowledgeable veteran and their strong contact list of other experienced Networkers, so all in all, it can be a risky decision to invest your time in another home based business opportunity.

If a company requires more than a $200-$300.00 start up cost or a minimum monthly participation level over $75.00-$100.00 or so that a newcomer or less experienced person is best to ask a lot of questions and be absolutely sure before investing so much of their time and energy into the program. Some companies have a minimum requirement in order to receive compensation of $150-$200.00 per month that only forces people out the door as quickly as they come in. This may work in the original veteran’s favor as they get paid deep into their organization but Newcomers are the ones footing the bill.

You just need to ensure you are doing your due diligence before starting a home based business. For example, today I was sharing with a business partner some information about various tools that he could utilize to build his home business and develop a residual income because he’s knowledgeable with technology. While talking with him, I explained to him what it will truly take for him to be ultimately successful in our home based business. The more important question I asked him was, at what level was he willing to play the game? You see it’s the consistency over the long term that I am looking for in people and they need to understand this from the outset.

Winning your freedom in network marketing is not an easy thing to do but it can be next to impossible in a poorly run company or one that is not favorable to Newcomers. It pays to check them out on Google.

So then what? Well, find out what the people that have started from the same position as you have done to become successful in building a home based business and developing a residual income and do the same thing. It only makes sense really. Examine the Life Insurance or Real Estate business. A newcomer to either field is going to do the same things if they are going to be successful. It has long been proven what works consistently. Few will succeed in either field by reinventing the wheel.

Same applies to network marketing, find a good coach and follow their lead to building a residual income. Good leaders understand it pays to work one on one with the new person to get them up to speed with their new home based business and really help them be successful.

Attracting quality people to a quality program is simply a matter of developing relationships with people and earning their respect and showing them why you were attracted to the program. People buy who you are before they buy what you have. For many people initially there can be a lot to learn about how to earn people’s respect, especially if they were a stranger to begin with. It takes time to build respect and become friends. This is why we all begin by sharing our home based business program with those that we know as best we can.

The power of network marketing and building a lasting residual income is found in the team approach where more experienced people do the presenting of the business concept on your behalf, thus a newcomer can use the credibility of the more experienced veteran to solidify the presentation of the business.

In good home based business programs there is no danger of people we know losing money and there is little risk attached to trying it out. That’s because any good company will always have a full money back guarantee and if the new person or your friend evaluates the products etc., they can always get their money refunded. This protects our relationships and keeps everything about our home based business comfortable to share with anyone.

Learning all about the company, the opportunity, the products as well as the techniques and tools that are proven to share our home based business opportunity takes a fair amount of energy and time. Anyone who wishes to build a Freedom residual income should have clear and realistic goals, expectations and made the time commitment necessary to achieve success. True NWM is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme and like any other real success requires desire and commitment and the persistence needed to overcome the obstacles along the way.

The benefits of being self-employed and having the ability to work our own hours as well as the freedom to live anywhere we choose to is worth the investment of time and energy and the sacrifice that entails. I wish you much success on your path to creating a freedom residual income.

Enjoy the voyage!

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