Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Enterprise and EntrepreneurshipEnterprise and entrepreneurship is all about adding value to your site, service, or product. This is one of the most over looked and under rated strategies for improving your internet business.

The internet and modern technology makes it possible for anyone to offer that little something extra that nobody else does, and usually at no additional cost.

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Why: First, let’s look at why this is a good business practice.

It’s a good thing to do because you will make more money!

What: Now let’s look at what value adding is!

Value adding is giving surprise high quality and useful gifts.
It’s giving something that your competitors aren’t offering.
It’s promising the world and delivering the universe.
It’s taking care of your clients and always providing something that your clients need and want, when and where they want it.

How: Now let’s look at the different ways we can do this.

If you receive a free gift from someone when you don’t expect it, do you remember that person?
Answer; yes usually.
How can we do this?
Look at the example below for an idea!

If you subscribe to a news letter or ezine, what do you expect?
You expect to get what you subscribed for, right?

Now imagine that you subscribed for a newsletter that distributes information about Poodle breeding in France, and when you open the confirmation email you find you’ve also received a free e-book containing 20 poodle grooming tips and Grandmas secret poodle pampering techniques. (a book that normally sells for $29)

Wouldn’t that make you more likely to open and read the next issue and the next, etc? This is enterprise and entrepreneurship at its core.

That’s one simple example, but where do you get the e-book from? You create it! If you are distributing a poodle breeding newsletter, you might know something about grooming, or know some people that could help you put together the necessary information. Then you can wrap that up in an e-book cover and then send it around to a variety of sites that will post it for you for free and you can sell on your own site, if you have one.

Back to the Poodles! So you can see that by offering this free gift you have achieved several things.
1. You have developed a product (at no cost to you) that you can sell and make a profit on.
2. You have used that product to increase the chances of your new subscriber opening your next email.
3. You have promoted you site/service to other internet marketers that you may wish to do a joint venture with at some time.

3 simple concise steps to enterprise and entrepreneurship!

Another way to add value for less effort is to offer a 110 percent guarantee instead of a 100 percent. If your product doesn’t deliver what you promise, you refund more than the purchase price. Again, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Another way is to make your 20 tips into 30 or more etc, get the idea? It’s all just a matter of finding ways that you can give more.

The more you give the more you will receive.

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