Google Adwords Campaign – Getting Started in AdWords the Right Way

Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords Campaign can seem to be extremely complicated, but the fact is – if you keep it simple, you can master the art of advertising with Google Adwords.

Google Adwords CampaignFirst you need to answer the question: What is Google Adwords? And are you prepared to put in the time to learn how to do them correctly?  You might find it helpful to look at a Google Adwords campaign example before you get in over your head!

To understand the Do’s & Don’ts for a Google AdWords campaign better, a basic knowledge of the term “AdWord” is absolutely essential. An AdWord is nothing but a word that triggers an advertisement. In other words, clicking on an AdWord on any website results in the display of an advertisement connected to the related word.

More often than not, website owners use Adwords to get customers to their sites, not like internet marketers sprinkling links into their pages and all over the web.

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These advertisements lead to sales of products or services for the advertisers, and the websites carrying the AdWords also benefit financially. Therefore, it is extremely important that your own AdWords campaign is optimized to generate more profits to your business.

You can find a Google Adwords campaign tutorial on many well-respected sites, use them – some of them will even have links to YouTube videos to help even more. Knowing how to setup a Google Adwords campaign before you get started will shortcut the learning curve. There are also many companies that offer Google Adwords campaign management, but before you pay them a lot of money to do this, get referrals from marketers you trust!


1. Select Your AdWords Carefully

Spending a considerable amount of time in researching the right keywords before selecting the suitable AdWords for your campaign certainly benefits your business. Adopting this method of AdWords selection will pay you rich dividends.

2. Invest in AdWords Having Proven Records

Some specific AdWords have proved to be goldmines for particular businesses. You must not hesitate to take advantage of such AdWords which have a proven track record in your business. Investing in these genuine AdWords will undoubtedly improve the revenue of your business.

3. Employ Different Matching Methods For Your AdWords

You must employ all the three methods of matching to tweak your keywords periodically. The different methods of matching your keywords include phrase, exact, broad and broad-modified matching. By employing all these methods of matching your AdWords, you can filter out unconnected visitors from clicking on your AdWords. Any Google Adwords campaign can be improved by paying close attention to the match types.

4. Keep Track of Negative AdWords

Keeping track of AdWords which tend to result in unwarranted traffic is imperative for a profitable AdWords campaign. For example, in a writing website, “formal essays” and “informal essays” are two entirely different subjects. Therefore, a website which does not provide informal essays to its customers should filter out visitors looking for that service. Knowing this, you should keep track of all the negative keywords resulting in unprofitable traffic to your website, and filter them out of your AdWords campaign. Most people run a Google Adwords Campaign without giving any thought to negative terms – this can cost you money that can be avoided.

5. Improve Your Advertisements Periodically

Try out several versions of your online advertisements before choosing the best one. Rewriting your advertisements periodically for improved click through rates certainly rakes in more profits to you. Testing is one of the keys to optimization, you must pay special attention in frequently updating and rewriting your advertisements.


1. Do Not Invest in “Peripheral” AdWords

Never invest in AdWords which are not intricately linked to your business. Sometimes, it is possible that some unrelated AdWords may generate profits to businesses. However, investing your money in AdWords which are not proven business generators is not a good move. The goal here is not to get a lot of clicks, the goal is to get CONVERSIONS! A profitable Google Adwords campaign will be targeted to the right audience!

2. Do Not Ignore Your AdWords Account

You should never make the mistake of creating your AdWords account, selecting your budget, choosing keywords, and then forgetting about it totally. Adopting this method of operating your AdWords campaign can be disastrous for the profitability of your business. Despite the fact that there are automatic bidding tools for your keywords, this method should never be adopted. Sometimes a Google Adwords campaign will not respond how you expect it to, be sure to monitor your campaigns and review the keywords and clicks on a regular basis. Be aware that there are several Google Adwords campaign types so that you choose the right one for your product or site.

3. Do Not Always Bid For The Top Ranked Keyword

In your AdWords campaign, the temptation to see instant results is too strong to resist. However, you should take a more prudent approach by opting to not always bid for the top ranked keyword. The #1 keyword does not always guarantee the highest number of visitors OR converting customers to your website. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by bidding for lower ranked keywords which generate almost the same traffic to your business website.

4. Do Not Send Clicks to the Landing Page Without Considering Other Options

Do not make the mistake of directing all your web traffic to one landing page of your business website. Linking the inbound clicks directly to the concerned products or services you offer is the ideal option. Although landing pages can be helpful in some instances, cutting this middle step from the user’s visit can make a Google Adwords campaign more effective!

5. Do Not Give Up Too Quickly

You must have patience in your Google AdWords campaign and never make the error of giving up too quickly. Your AdWords campaign may not yield the desired results in the initial stages. However, persisting with your campaign and improving it will certainly result in more revenues for your business.

Here is a book that is extremely helpful – Go Here for a copy.

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