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Website designers face a massive quantity of images to select from. Many are puzzled in facing image choices. But there are certain rules involved, if you know the rules, the image selection may become a lot easier than designers think .

Rule number one: Relevance.

The images used in a website must be close to what the business is about. You may have humorous impressions, artistic drawings, flash animation and vivid imagination etc appear in home page or some other pages. However all these may not be  closely related to the business. Images must enhance the business by a meaningful approach.

Rule number two: Express the specifics.

Images should be selected according to the specifics of the business – they should present the strengths of the business. Image work to compare your business it to other competing businesses in a positive light. For instance, if this is glass and joinery manufacturer who is very good at a unique balustrade, then the images that present this must be chosen.

Rule number three: Show the right range of the business.

Designers are often too drawn to selecting the most attractive images for the website they design. In many cases, this is an approach that doesn’t work in promoting a business. For example, if the glass and joinery manufacturer took part in a number of landmark projects/buildings in the past while their daily business is still relies on small- and medium-sized projects, the famous landmark building images must be displayed in a proper proportion to the goals of the business. The small- and medium-sized project images must be given the place they should. This is very important, because if you focus primarily on the large project images on your website, many smaller and medium size business customers may think your business is not suitable for them, e.g. your website may potentially loose these customers.

At Genius Local Marketing, we search out the best images for your site so that the dream customers you wish to attract and serve will know your business can meet their needs appropriately. In this way, the customers we send to you through our Lead Generation and AdWords Campaign Management have already been pre-sold on your ability to help them. This makes it much easier for you to close the sale and add a new customer to your business!

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