Keywords – Why Bother?

Research into Keywords Does Matter!

Nothing will make your business soar faster than selecting the correct keywords or keyphrases. Though you might think it is an easy process. Instead, it is a tedious and time-consuming process.

That is, if it’s done right.

Step 1:Identification of Keywords

You can start your search using the google keyword tool.

Now, even if you don’t like google for some reason, there is no escaping that 70% of all searches happen in the google search engine. If you don’t like them, it doesn’t really matter. Get over it and on with learning how to optimize your site.

This tool will tell you:

•How many times the keyword or keyphrase you have chosen is searched in an average month through the google search engine
•The amount of website competition for the keyword or keyphrase
•Some suggested keywords and keyphrases in addition to the one you selected
In reviewing this information relative to ranking in google searches – you want to see two things:
•At least 15,000 searches per month – it depends on what your site is about whether you need this to be local or global searches
•As low competition as possible

Step 2: Competition for Keywords and Keyphrases

To confirm the low competition number – go to the google home page and put your keyword into the search box. As soon as you hit “enter” a number comes up in small font below the box – this is the total number of sites that google recognizes competing for your keyword. If you are using a keyphrase, then input the keyphrase into the search box in “quotes” – This is a “phrase” search and is how you will optimize your site.

If the number is fewer than 180,000 competing sites, you can move on with the keyword or keyphrase research.

However, if your given keyword or keyphrase does not meet the above criteria, scroll down the suggested keywords/keyphrases in the google keyword tool and perform the same tests until you find one that does meet the criteria.

Step 3: Who Is Using your Selected Keywords?

Now go to and put that keyword or keyphrase into the search box – this will tell you if anyone is using the keyword or keyphrase for Adwords. Review the figures and values in the left box and the graph on the right. (Also, search down the left-hand column for “organic keywords” and write these down – this will give you some other suggestions for later research.)


If you met these criteria, CONGRATULATIONS! You have found a keyword or keyphrase that you can optimize.

Now, on to the REAL WORK!

Because you have only just begun.

If you don’t do your keyword and keyphrase research, you are simply throwing darts at a dartboard. Focus for results!

Here at Genius Local Marketing, we will do the keyword research for you in order to optimize the results you receive from a Google AdWords Campaign. Advertising is the ONE THING that will take your business to the next level! Let us show you what we can do for you. Our Customer Acquisition Strategies are the best of the best!


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