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New leads…

New leads are the life-blood of your business!

If you want to build your business, you know that adding more leads is the only way to do it. Whether by word-of-mouth – or advertising – it must be done methodically. Therefore, we use proven methods with a solid goal in mind.

That goal being: added leads = more potential customers. All leads don’t convert, but you must have more leads to convert new clients. No doubt about it. Note: zero leads, zero new clients!

Recently, we have launched our valuable leads business into the State of Georgia. We do specialize in finding 18 Wheeler and Motorcycle Accident leads. As AdWords Experts – we can generate local leads for other attorney specializations as well as a myriad of other industries (Auto Mechanics, Tow Drivers, Dentists and even Chiropractors.)

If you have a local business, we have experience in generating valuable leads for you.




For now, we are focused heavily on Personal Injury accident claims throughout the great state of Georgia.

Take a look at the areas we have ready to go right now:

Our monthly maintenance fee for managing and optimizing your campaigns via AdWords is extremely reasonable, and the fact that our leads are exclusive to you puts us several steps ahead of other lead generation companies. After all, do you really want a lead that is sent out to 20 (or more) firms? Or would you like to get our exclusive leads sent only to you?

Here are the 4 questions to ask yourself before you make the call:

  • How much is one new client worth to you? $500, $1500, $2500?

  • How many of these new clients can you handle? 2?, 5? 10?

  • Are you ready to take on these new clients today? Next Week? Yesterday?

  • Here is the formula – if you need 2 new clients now and they are worth $1000 each to you, you are in the position to place $2000 into your AdWords Spend Budget to get those clients. If you close 4 leads instead of 2 – well, you can do the math, right?

  • And we guarantee our monthly maintenance fee of $197.00 – If you are unhappy with your leads the first month, we will give you a full refund of the $197.00 fee for building, managing and optimizing your ads  for the first month.

Is a no risk guarantee worth a look?

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